lu !!

bisexual, istp-t, leo
birthday: august 22

😾😾😾 milk, allergies, avocados, mushrooms, onions, uneducated people, btspoppers

😻😻😻 musical theatre, dance, mexican food, book of life, tweeting about random ballads in spanish, girls, dark chocolate, water

byf i’m a minor, i spam tweet, i curse a lot, i think i can come off a bit rude at times but not all the time, i tweet somethings in spanish

dni racist, homophobic, ableist, other basic dni criteria, anti of anyone i stan, overly/ wayyy too explicitly nsfw and/or pessimistic

ults skz svt
semi-ults nct (all units) aespa lesserafim
stan txt blackpink itzy loona ive fromis_9
casuals bts twice exo red velvet got the beat
my loves izone 🀍

ult of ults jo yuri
soloists yena chungha somi kang daniel samuel taemin

non-kpop & actors
selena carlos rivera olivia rodrigo daddy yankee oscar isaac zendaya jung hoyeon elizabeth gillies zhou jiqieong